Forest Games Update

The Leaderboard through Diane is up. I may have missed a few of the make-ups. Be sure to email me your score and I will get them in.



Friday is Fran!!!


In search of a motivating video, I typed in the words "Fran" into google and was suprised by the first result:

It's a cute article with a cute picture. But I did find one of his statements pretty cool: When you start hearing “What’s your Fran time?” more than you hear What’s your bench?, it'll be clear you’ve wandered far from Kansas and the yellow-bricked road and into the Wonderful World of CrossFit. You'll then start wondering, “Who the hell is Fran and why does she have a time?”

Here are a couple videos from the vault:

"Virtual" Fran Experiment [wmv][mov] » Sept 157 08
Fran, 1:53, Jason Kaplan [wmv][mov] » Nov 5 08