5 Star/5 Diamond Massage Therapy at CrossFit Forest


I would like to announce a new offering at CrossFit Forest. One of our very own members happens to be a 10 year experienced Massage Therapist. She currently works at Pelican Hill, a 5 Star/5 Diamond Resort, where her rate is $225+ per session. She is branching out and would like to offer her services at CrossFit Forest for $79 a session. Most of you know her from the 530am class or have likely noticed her fast times and heavy weights on the board. I introduce to you Jen Brouwers! Here is her Bio:

Licensed since 2004
State and Nationally certified 
Specializing in Swedish/Relaxation, Deep tissue, Trigger-point therapy, Sports massage
Employed in a 5 Star/5 Diamond destination resort since 2008
Benefits of massage therapy:
Reduces inflammation after exercise while boosting muscle repair
Boosts immunity
Ease aches and pain
Improves sleep
Manage anxiety and depression
Excerpt from a New York Times article on Feb 6, 2012 on benefits of massage after intensive exercise:

Vigorous exercise causes tiny tears in muscle fibers, leading to an immune reaction — inflammation — as the body gets to work repairing the injured cells. So the researchers screened the tissue from the massaged and unmassaged legs to compare their repair processes, and find out what difference massage would make.

They found that massage reduced the production of compounds called cytokines, which play a critical role in inflammation. Massage also stimulated mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses inside cells that convert glucose into the energy essential for cell function and repair. “The bottom line is that there appears to be a suppression of pathways in inflammation and an increase in mitochondrial biogenesis,” helping the muscle adapt to the demands of increased exercise, said the senior author, Dr. Mark A. 

She is currently booked until next Tuesday, you can sign up here. We ask that you bring cash to your appointment. For any questions you can reach out to her directly at jenniebrouwers@live.com