Thank you Zummo!

As some of you know, yesterday was Zummo's last day in Orange County. He and Kara are heading off to Virginia for the next chapter in their lives. He asked that I post a good bye message to the Forest.

Crossfit Forest Family,
  As many of you know, today was my last day at the gym, as Kara and I are moving to the Virginia/D.C. area.  While I have not had the opportunity to meet all of you, I have been fortunate enough to coach and workout with most of you.  Watching the Crossfit Forest community grow over the last 3 years has been amazing.  When I first arrived in Orange County in May 2010, Pete had just opened the gym in his garage.  Wall Balls were called Tree Balls because we threw them at a tree in the front yard, rope climbs were done from a rope attached to a tree branch in the back yard, the pull up bar was pipe mounted to the house above the garage door, and we did dead lifts and power-cleans in the street, sometimes calling "Game Off" when a car came.  Things have obviously come a long way.  I'd like to publicly thank Pete for letting me be a part of this great community he created.  You all are a fantastic group of people and athletes and I enjoyed every minute of my time with you all.  My only regret is that I could not have been around more and done more with the gym.

As I mentioned above, we will be in the Virginia/D.C. area and we love visitors.  You are all welcome to come workout at whatever Affiliate I end up at or in my garage.  As long as Pete allows me, I will keep my email address.  Stay in touch and keep pushing yourselves in the gym.

Zummo, my brother, Thank YOU! Over the past three years you have helped lay a strong foundation for the Forest. We eat cleaner, are more flexible, run more efficiently and train smarter because of your insight and guidance. You did all of this while working 70+ hour weeks serving our country as a Major in the Marines. You give of yourself more than anyone I know. It was sadder than I anticipated saying good bye yesterday. 

I stumbled across our videos from the 24 hour 10 minutes on 50 minutes of rest running workout from 2010 when we were CrossFit Mission Viejo and operating out of the Garage. Enjoy!