BodPod Challenge

Anyone looking for a little push to clean up their nutrition and workouts?

We are teaming up with Mission CrossFit to offer a BodPod body composition improvement challenge.

  • It starts this Saturday June 8th and will run 6 weeks to July 20th.
  • No points, no fuss, just the best body comp improvement wins (Original body fat %-New %/Original %). 
  • $75 to enter, includes 2 bodpod tests ($80 value) and forCrossFit Forest members includes a 90 page Nutrition Guide for Success ($50 value). 
  • Depending on numbers there will be prizes given to winners. Maybe its a new pair of Reebok nano's, maybe it's a free personal training session or two. 
  • Email if interested and to set up your time for testing this Saturday. 
  • You can get tested after Saturday, it is just an additional $15 to schedule the appt. You do not need to be a member of the gym to participate. 
  • Btw, Sandy and I are in. Sandy may have a bit of an unfair advantage given the baby weight :0)