Welcome Back!

We are back from vacations, in school and next up on the docket is the holiday season. As many of us get back into our normal routines, we are also getting into a normal routine in the gym too. Things to consider as we begin to finish the last three months of 2013:

We are all stronger now than when we started the year. Whether you have been coming to Forest twice a week or five times a week the consistency you have been putting into the gym is paying off. Every hour you have spent at Forest makes all the other times when you are running around after your kids, studying for a test or heading to the company’s softball game that much easier. Keep it up. Maybe it is time to turn it up a little more? Come one more time a week?

Where did my New Year’s resolution go? Is it time to reset goals for the end of the year? What is all this talk about the Whole30? With the costume and holiday season around the corner, this also means that the drinking, over eating and that dress I wish I could fit into is around the corner too. Reevaluate what you want out of the end of year and it is time to go for it.

Be patient with yourself as you get back into the gym. Whether you are coming back after a vacation, the flu or an injury easing back into the routine at the gym will help prevent unpleasant levels of soreness and injury.