level 3

We are pleased to announce the latest evolution of our training at CrossFit Forest: CrossFit LEVEL 3.

Level 3 is meant for those looking to push the limits of their bodies, not necessarily get more fit. The assumption is you are already fit. If fitness is your goal then Level 2 is more advanced than most gyms and has a sophisticated plan. But for those that want to push their physical limits, maybe even compete at a high level, which may mean that you find out you over did it and quite possibly even put more harm on your body than good than this is an opportunity for that. Level 3 will certainly evolve over time so any feedback you have is appreciated. You must receive approval from a coach to do Level 3. We are looking for athletes that move well, are coachable and have been doing this for a while. 

There is one very important rule: If you do Level 3 it is mandatory to join a Level 2 class to complete the level 2 portion as indicated. 

If you don't have time for both than Level 2 is sufficient. Level 3 athletes may get to the gym before the Level 2 class they intend to participate in and perform the level 3 work on your own. This will require you to warm up and workout on your own. You may also need to do some google searching and youtube viewing to know what is going on. Hopefully you will have some other Forest friends to join you but level 3 isn't a structured coaching class. Sure if one of the coaching staff is there then we will point things out as we see them. Just as we as coaches would hope you would provide us with peer feedback as well. I also just bought a couple flexible tri-pods for the Ipads so that we can attach them and use coaches eye to get even more critical. 

You may do the level 3 work and then join the level 2 class after they have warmed up, allowing you more time to finish your level 3 work. On some Level 2 workouts I will be modifying it a bit for Level 3. As in you will see more barbell work in the level 3 version of the level 2 metcon. As always, scale the workout appropriate for your capacity and the intended stimulus, don't get stuck doing a tough movement or something heavy. 
This will be a ton more volume than you are used to. You will need to get tons of sleep, take your fish oil, and eat plenty of good food. Some of you may also need to ramp up the sweet potatoes and dare i say it even eat some rice. Form on the lifts as always is more important than the load. Spend lots of time mobiizing before, after and at home.  

I have put up a board for Level 3 workouts for us to put up results and not have to look at our phones all session long. I have also created a track in Beyond The whiteboard for level 3 so you can keep track of your results. Keeping track of your numbers is huge to your success with this program. You will need to look a the workouts ahead of time to judge how much time you will need. Ideally you do the barbell work before the Level 2 work. But, there is nothing to say you can't do a level 2 class in the morning and come back in the evening for the barbell work. 

For example here is Monday's programming

1) 15 min to establish a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (floor, hang, hip).

2) 3X1 3-Position Snatch (floor, hang, hip) @ 90-95% of Max from #1 - rest 60-90 sec.

3a) 4X5 Snatch Grip RDL + 5 Snatch Hi-Pulls - (this is 5 RDLs first, then 5 Hi-Pulls without dropping the bar) heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
3b) 4X5 Behind the Neck Push Press - heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. 

Join Level 2 For the Metcon

Your version of the workout is this: 
50' BB walking lunge (front rack) 135/95#
21 GHD Situps
50' BB walking lunge (front rack) 135/95#
18 GHD Situps
50' BB walking lunge (front rack) 135/95#
15 GHD Situps
50' BB walking lunge (front rack) 135/95#
12 GHD Situps

email Pete if you are interested in Level 3.