CrossFit Endurance

How awesome is this trail that starts in our parking lot!?

We are pleased to launch another program at The Forest - CrossFit Endurance. CrossFit Forest is a Certified CrossFit Endurance Facility.  Each week in our endurance class we program both a short interval run series day (e.g., sets of sprints) and a longer workout day (e.g., 5K run, 10K row).  This approach allows runners and aspiring runners to achieve faster times with less injuries and wear and tear on the body.  I have used this approach for marathon training, as well as two half Ironman races, and found it to be preferable over the long and slow distance (LSD) training method. Important note, there is additional training needed outside of this group program if you are interested in going long or preparing for a race. Contact Pete to set up a training program for you. 

For folks that prefer rowing over running or are injured, all workouts can be performed on the rower as well.  

People at all levels of fitness and speeds can sign up for this class.  Feel free to come and walk, jog, row or run -- it is up to you and your comfort level how much you want to push yourself. This class is free for all CrossFit Forest members, your friends are also welcome to join us for a $5 (cash) drop-in fee.   

Starting this Tuesday and Thursday the class will now be offered from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Be sure to check our schedule and to sign up.   

For more information on the CrossFit Endurance methodology:

This weeks programming:

Tuesday: 8x200m run,  2 min rest.  

Thursday: 2x1000m row, 3 min rest (you may also run 2x800m if running is your thing)