Zumba! Monday's at 4:30pm

My wife Sandy has been bugging me about Zumba for some time. I keep hearing about how awesome and FUN it is. Sooooo with all the space in the gym now, why not go for it! We are now offering Zumba every Monday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Starting Monday and for the remainder of October, Zumba will be offered for FREE at CrossFit Forest. That's right...the entire WORLD is invited to Zumba for FREE for the remainder of October, the more people that particpate the more fun it is. If we see some interest we may add more times and days to the schedule. 

Here is some info about our Zumba instructor:

Hi, I'm Sheila Olsen and I love to dance and I love fitness!   This is why I love to teach ZUMBA! Every class feels like a party! My students tell me they like my class because it's FUN! Come join me and you'll see what they mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just follow my lead. It's easy! I've been teaching "dance fitness" classes for 20 years and ZUMBA is the absolute BEST! I teach a FUN and motivating class. My background experience in fitness and nutrition and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership ensure you a TOP quality class! Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast and burn enough calories to notice a difference! I look forward to meeting you! 

Join me for a fun workout!


Here is a link to sign up for your FREE Zumba October Class.