Update: Forest v. Upgrade

Front Squat Ladder: 
You will be able to enter the ladder in one of the following spots:
Women can start at: 35, 95 or 135 lbs
Men can start at: 65, 135, 185 or 245
We will have the ladder scale by 10 lbs each rack, up to 355 and will have weight on standby if needed. You will have a minute at each weight. We will stagger start people every other minute, just in case someone fails an attempt. 
Row/Rope Climb
Each gym will be given 10 rowers, 5 max are to be used by men, 5 max by women at all times. 
Each gym will be given 8 rope climbs, 4 max are to be used by women, 4 max by men at all times. 
Start time is 10am. If you have not yet signed the waiver you may do so electronically here. http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ws.asp?studioid=14592&stype=41&prodid=305
Forest and Upgrade will be providing Steak, Chicken and Barbacoa from Chipotle, along with some guac and pico de gallo. Feel free to bring a side or beverage to share. You can never have too much guac or too many chips. 

 one of these is not like the other

5 RFT-
20 Strict Ring Dips
14 Thruster

CrossFit Training Camp:
Snatch 5-5-5

CrossFit Barbell Oly Club:
Back Squat 5 Rep Max 
Bench Press  5 Rep Max