CrossFit Upgrade is coming to The Forest, Jan 25th

Mark your calendars for a friendly inter-gym competition between CrossFit Upgrade and CrossFit Forest - Saturday January 25th. 

Here are some preliminary details:
There will be 3 Levels - 1 (beginner), 2 (intermediate) & 3 (advanced)

Starts with a Front Squat Ladder - we have 18 squat racks so we will be able to have a big range of weight. 

Then an 8-12 min AMRAP - Event To be announced. 

We will average final load achieved in the squat ladder and all scores in the AMRAP by Level to come up with a gym winner for each level.

Finish with a massive Upgrade v. Forest gym comp:
20 min As Far As Possible:
Max Row Distance, each gym will be assigned 10 rowers. 
Max Rope Climbs, each gym will be assigned 7 ropes. 1 rope climb = 100m
Gyms can use both however they wish to accomplish the furthest possible distance. 

Location: CrossFit Forest
Time: 8:30am
Date: January 25th 

BBQ to follow