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Hi Forest Fam!


  • Technique Time
  • Forest Games
  • Holiday Party
  • Follow Us (those not on Facebook)
  • Nutrition Seminar (early January)
  • Gift of The Forest
  • Team Fitness League

Technique Time

Thursdays 6pm, Starting this Thursday

We are excited about our latest offering at the Forest - Technique Time. Technique Time is a special class we designed to provide an hour long session dedicated to just technique. The technique worked on will be decided ahead of time and lead by the coach. This is not open gym. This will more often than not be a time to work on olympic lifting. This could and should be done on your rest day. There will be times when there will be a mobility session offered by Dr. Jason at the same time. They will coordinate such that the first 10-15 minutes will be good mobility you should be doing to prep for the technique to be worked on. Then Technique Time folks will break off and the mobility folks will continue. You could also do this in addition to a training session. This is for all levels. Everyone can benefit from breaking the complex down to small pieces and perfecting their skills. We will announce the technique to be worked on ahead of time. Please let a coach know if you have a special request for the next Technique Time. 


The first TOD (Technique of the Day) will be how to properly warm up for Olympic Lifting. 


Forest Games

The last season of the 2014 Forest Games start this Thursday!

Here is the fun video we created for the Forest Games:

Here is a link to the events with scaling options and rules:


This is the last chance to get that shirt!


Holiday Party 

After the final day of scheduled Forest Games on Saturday December 20th, we will hold our Holiday Party. We'll throw some Tri-Tips on the grill and open the coolers. We'll provide the meat and some refreshment. Feel free to bring a side dish or tasty treat to share. 


Follow Us - For Those Without Facebook

For those without facebook we would like to make sure you are up to date on the latest events and programs. If you get a chance go to and fill in the Follow Us section in the top right corner to make sure you are included on the latest information. 


December Nutrition Seminar Moved to January 6th

We are moving the December Nutrition Seminar to January 6th. Enjoy the holidays, minimize treats to being special treats. If you are interested in making 2015 your healthiest ever, join me at the January 6th Nutrition Seminar. Free for members, $75 for the public but this fee can be applied toward first month membership. 


Gift of the Forest!

Interested in giving the gift of The Forest for the holidays? We will extend our "sign up with a buddy rate" of $129 for the first month membership to any of your friends and family. We would love to continue growing our family with your family. Let us know if you want to purchase someone's first month and we'll set you up with a pretty print out.  


Team Fitness League

Oh mamacita! I can't wait to get this started. I have been wanting to get this league going for sometime. Why do softball and kickball players get to have all the fun? We are in the planning stage to offer this to the CrossFit community externally but want to work through the kinks and we figure we should do a dry run with the gym. Btw, if you were here for the Saturday workout a couple Saturday's ago you were among the first ever to participate in the TFL. The feedback was great, most everyone i spoke with said they had a blast.  The Forest Team Fitness League will look a little different than the public one (coming after Regionals in May/June). The main difference is that the Forest one will have all levels on the same team, whereas the public one will have two divisions. 

The Forest TFL Details

Cost: Free 

Saturdays: 9am-10:30ish

Dates: January 17th, January 24th, February 14th, February 21st

Captains: The 6 Coaches

Sign up for the Draft by putting your name on the whiteboard near the garage door. 

You don't necessarily need to feel like you are committing for every weekend, though we think you will be having so much fun you will want to re-arrange your lives to do so. 

Happy Hollidays, 


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