CrossFit Thursday December 4, 2014:

7 rounds for time of:
11 Back Squats, 1x bodyweight
Row, 1000 m

6 Rounds - 90% BW
5 Rounds- 70-80% BW
4 Rounds - Find your weight

Training Camp:

High Hang Clean 5-5-5
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets

5 rounds for time of:
Row, 200 m
Thruster, 45/35 lbs
Rest 1:30
Choose a weight on thrusters, heaviest you can do for unbroken set of 10. 5 burpee penalty for resting during thrusters.

Barbell and Oly Club:

Rest or Make up day

Steve's Club is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to at-risk youth through fitness-specifically CrossFit-says founder Steve Liberati. ( Over the summer, kids representing Steve's Club programs in Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee and New York gathered at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania for the second annual Summer Leadership Camp.