The Results are In!

The results are in from the Mission vs. Forest friendly inter gym competition. 

Complete Leaderboard.pdf   Overall Shoulder Press.pdf

Event 1 was a Press Ladder, the weight increased 10 pounds each station, your score was the sum of your top 5 lifts. Lift every minute on the minute. 

Event 2 was a 5 min AMRAP

10 Front Squats 115/83 (adv), 75/55 (int and masters 50+), 45/35 (beginner) 
30 Double Unders (60 singles ok for intermediate, masters, beginners)

We Finished with "Team Helen"

20 min AMRAP

Each gym can have 8 runners, 5 kb swingers, 5 pull-up/ring row people at any one time
40 points for every 400m run or 500m row
1 point for every 50 lbs swung
1 point for every Ring Row or 3 points for every pull-up. 

We love having other gyms join us for a Saturday morning session. There is an open invite to any other gym to join us. Contact to set something up.

We are thinking maybe the next time we should do a lifting meet.