7 rounds for time of:
15 Hip & Back Extensions
3 Muscle Up (Strict)s
Special note: it's Hip and back extension, so you sort of snake your way up and then snake your way back down. Today is less about getting done fast and more about completing the work. You may have to wait your turn for the GHD machine, that's ok.

Competition: 3 Chest to bar pull-ups + 3 strict band assisted muscle up transitions per round, including the dip.
Performance: 10 hip & back ext per round, 6 band assisted chest to bar pull-ups or 9 Ring rows + 3 Ring Dips or 9 band assisted ring dips or bar dips.
Fitness: 7 hip & back ext per round, 6 ring rows + 6 push-ups each round, elevated ok.

CrossFit Training Camp:
Push press 5-5-5
Press 5-5-5
3 rounds for time of:
Run, 400 m
21 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood
12 Pull-ups


THE national furor over concussions misses the primary scourge that is harming kids and damaging youth sports in America.

The heightened pressure on child athletes to be, essentially, adult athletes has fostered an epidemic of hyperspecialization that is both dangerous and counterproductive.

One New York City soccer club proudly advertises its development pipeline for kids under age 6, known as U6. The coach-picked stars, “poised for elite level soccer,” graduate to the U7 “pre-travel” program. Parents, visions of scholarships dancing in their heads, enable this by paying for private coaching and year-round travel.

Children are playing sports in too structured a manner too early in life on adult-size fields — i.e., too large for optimal skill development — and spending too much time in one sport. It can lead to serious injuries and, a growing body of sports science shows, a lesser ultimate level of athletic success.

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