Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:
5 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Thrusters, 135/95 lb
Comp: band assisted ok, thruster weight 115/85.
Performance: 5 band assisted chest to bar pull-ups plus 5 push-ups (elevated ok). 85/55. 
Fitness: 5 ring rows plus 5 push-ups (elevated ok), thruster weight is 45/25.

“The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get out of that machine what their mind allows them 
to.” —Rich Froning 
Here are some common thoughts at CrossFit boxes all over the world:
“I can’t wait until this is over. I can’t sleep the night before a competition.”
“The countdown: There’s no turning back. These are the 
most stressful 10 seconds of my day.”
“The clock gives me instant anxiety, and it takes me a 
minute or two to get my focus back.”
“This is exciting!”
“Let’s do this!”
“I love to compete!”
What determines whether an athlete gets stressed or psyched before a competition? The answer is in the six-inch CrossFit box between their ears. As a mental performance coach, I see the mental game cause some athletes to break down and others to break  through. I have spoken to gold medalists, national  champions, world champions and CrossFit athletes  regarding how they are able to access the zone-like state consistently. Here’s what I unearthed about the mentally fittest on Earth: Read More