For time:
Run, 800 m
40 Pull Up (L)s
Run, 800 m
40 Pull Up (Strict)s
Run, 800 m
40 Pull-ups
Competition: strict knee up pull-ups first round, 2nd Round 10 x 10 second negative pull-ups, 3rd kipping ok.
Performance: 1st round 10x 10 second negative pull-ups + 40 situps, 2nd round strict band pull-ups ok, 3rd round Ring Rows.
Fitness: 1st round 10x 10 second negative ring rows + 20 situps, 2nd round 10 x 10 second negative ring rows, 3rd round 20 ring rows.


Simple front-of-package nutrition labeling could help combat obesity—but only if the food industry buys in and consumers pay attention.

A burger is a burger is a burger. Except when it’s not.

Stroll through any Marks & Spencer grocery store in Britain, and so long as you aren’t colour blind, you will see that a venison burger has less fat and salt than its made-of-beef counterpart. No need to work out percentages or possess an advanced nutrition degree.

In common with more than half of all food products sold in the U.K., the pre-prepared burgers sport a series of standard color-coded symbols that measure a product’s fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar. So-called “traffic light” front-of-package symbols are designed to help consumers make informed decisions about what they stuff in their gobs.

Grocery shelves in America are also heaving with colors, ticks, stars, point scores and many other labels, each screaming out its own particular views on a product’s relative healthiness. That’s because shoppers are looking for guidance in a country where more than a quarter of young adults are too fat to serve in the military.

But unlike in the U.K., there’s no easy-to-read universal label that can be trusted by more or less everyone.

This may soon change.

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The Forest Fiestas (details below in case you missed em)

Save up your cheat meals and get ready for the Forest Fiestas to kick off on Tuesday July 1st! Over the next 2 months we will be canceling normal evening classes on a rotating day of the week. It's important to loosen up from time to time and have some fun, getting too ramped up about training and healthy eating can cause burnout. The summer is the perfect time. You will have plenty of time to get back into a focused, strict schedule to prepare for the CrossFit Open in March. This is a chance to have some fun with your Forest friends!


1. Come anytime after 4:30pm.
2. Sign up for a heat, 1st heat is at 5pm
3. Do the warm-up written on the board
4. Talk to a coach about proper scaling options.
5. Hit the workout, there won't be judges
6. Stick around, pop open a refreshing adult beverage (or club soda), grab some delicious provided food and cheer on your Forest Friends.  

  • No need to bring anything, just come on in for some fun. 
  • If you worked out in the morning or noon class, come on back!
  • Come on in even if you don't plan on working out or if its a rest day for you. 
  • you don't have to drink adult beverages, we'll have something refreshing non-alcoholic beverages too
  • yes, you can still knock out the Barbell or Oly Club programming for the day (prior to your first sip of course). 
  • If you are worried the drinks provided won't be to your liking feel free to BYOB

Here is the Tentative Schedule

July 1st, Tuesday - "Brats, Beers and Tears"
July 9th, "Wod and Wine Wednesday", proly some wine, cheese, salami
July 17th, Throwdown Thursday (not sure yet, ideas?)
July 25th Skip for CrossFit Games, See you There!
August 1st - Fiesta Friday - Think Mexican food Theme
August 9th - Saturday Batter-day - Think tasty baked goods
August 17th and 24th Skip to prep for the Forest Games
Forest Games Start Augst 21st finish on August 31st, celebrate the finish with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" think Bloody Mary's and a BBQ. 

We will invite the top winners of the Forest Games to participate on one of the Forest Teams we submit for the CrossFit Team competition coming this fall. 

We will also follow this up with a Whole60 challenge leading up to Thanksgiving.