200 Double Unders
-- then --
3 rounds of:
20 Pistols (Alternating Legs)s
12 Ground To Overheads, 155/105 lbs
Competition: 125 double unders, 50 air squats instead of pistols, 115/75 lbs.
Performance: 75 double unders, 50 air squats instead of pistols, 95/65.
Fitness 100 singles, 35 air squats, 45-65/35-45.

Tabata Push-up
The Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals. Tabata score is the total reps performed in all of the intervals.

CrossFit Training Camp:
Back Squat 5-5-5
Overhead Squat 5-5-5
3 rounds for time of:
21 Double Unders
Sandbag Carry, 45/35 lbs, 200 m
7 Back Extension (GHD)s
7 GHD Sit-ups


A ripe banana after a long run.  A piece of wild salmon sashimi topped with avocado slices on a bed of greens as a summertime lunch.   Grass fed, local steak tartare with a quail egg.

What have all of the above got in common?   All are deliciously Paleo friendly, real, unadulterated food that simply taste good, all on their own.

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