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Video: Death by Clean and Jerk with Mikko Salo

Sevan Matossian and a host of fans were lucky enough to catch Salo working out at the Eleiko Center in Sweden during the Europe Regional, and all were treated to an impressive athletic performance. After working on some heavy power clean and jerks, Salo finished off the day with 14-minute clean-and-jerk progression: one lift for the first minute, two for the second, and so on.

The workout should shed a bit more light on the champ’s training protocol: Salo combines a heavy day plus a met-con with the same movement. His performance in this workout was enough to draw applause from the onlookers, and a tired but composed Salo described completing the WOD with the same phrase he used when he found out he had won the CrossFit Games: “I’m happy now.”

Uploaded by CrossFit® on 2011-09-23.