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We are really excited to announce some great new programs and offerings at the Forest. 

Overview of Email

  • The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived At the Forest
  • The Forest Project - A Practicum in Goat-Slaughter
  • CrossFit Forest Turkey Trot
  • Clinics
  • Baker Ranch Yoga
  • 5am and 6am Classes
  • 9am is now Co-ed
  • 6am Training Camp 
  • 4pm Class and 4pm Barbell Club
  • Free Childcare 
  • Skill Time
  • Forest Games - Score Submission
  • World Class Coaching Staff
  • T-shirts are coming soon, reserve your size

The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived at the Forest
In addition to our CrossFit and Barbell Classes we are adding a Sport of Fitness program. 


  • Compete at CrossFit Regionals
  • Compete in The CrossFit Games
  • Commit to a rigorous training schedule
  • Find out how far you can push your body, understanding the answer may be, “too far”
    • Note: Think of this as the Advanced Calculus of our gym. You don’t want to take Advanced Calculus until you’ve mastered Algebra, and showed some sufficiency in Trigonometry. Jumping straight from Algebra to Advanced Calculus will be a stressful, difficult, and ultimately fruitless endeavor.
      • Prerequisite: Coach approval

      Weekly Time Commitment: 10-15 hrs
      Weekly Program: 
      CrossFit WOD 3 days (required)
      Barbell Club (Maintenance Bias or Strength Bias) 5 days (see explanation in Program Index online)
      Sport of Fitness WOD 5 days

      Typical Day: Start with Barbell Club with a Maintenance Bias and Sport of Fitness Wod. Take a break, then come back in for a CrossFit Wod or to work on skill development like Muscle-ups, Handstand Walks, Handstand Push-ups. 2-3 hours per day: M, T, W, Fri, and Saturday. Rest days: Thursday, Sunday. 

      Please take a moment to read up on all 3 of our Lifestyle offerings (CrossFit, Performance, Sport of Fitness) athttp://www.crossfitforest.com/programs-and-lifestyles and feel free to talk to one of our coaches about which lifestyle is right for you.

      The Forest Project - A Practicum in Goat-Slaughter

      A Goat is an athlete-specific skill or movement that is thus unachieved or underachieved. Every athlete has a goat or two. Or a herd. Some goats are zombies: you kill them, bury them, forget about them, and then one day, they resurrect. Goat-killing is hard, arduous work. It can’t usually be done without a plan, focus, and a lot of boring hours of grinding away. Most of us don’t get this work done -- or done consistently -- without a little help, and a little pressure.  

      Enter Skin in the Game: individualized skill work incorporating accountability and incentive wherein athletes may purchase a skill development program designed specifically for their needs. It’ll work like this:

      The athlete detects a goat and points it out to a coach. Maybe the coach can help there and then with a few pointers. But maybe the goat needs a more rigorous plan of attack. If so, sign up for 12 days of programming to be completed within 4 weeks. Over 4 weeks, you’ll do 3 days per week of skill work designed specifically for you. This can be done on your own time - before of after class, in your office, or in your hotel, as determined by your schedule and skill. Your program will be shared electronically and monitored by a coach: you’ll record your work, which will be promptly reviewed, at which point adjustments to your program will occur as determined by you and your Forest Project Coach.

      In order to up the ante, we want you to put your money where your goat is and have a little "Skin in the Game." For 4 weeks of programming, you’ll pay $100. HOWEVER! If you complete your entire program in the time allotted, half of your money will be returned to you. You’ll get a complete skill program for a fraction of the cost of a personal training session -- as long as you finish your homework, that is. If you don’t complete the work, the money will go to The Forest Foundation, which helps Veteran's with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

      To get started, contact one of our coaches and bring two $50 dollar bills to the gym.

      CrossFit Forest Turkey Trot 
      Mark your calendars. CrossFit Forest will be hosting the 1st annual CrossFit Forest Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. We will do a trail run with different distance options. We are thinking about having one of the turn around points be at the top of "Dreaded Hill". We will be opening this up to the public. Proceeds will go to support Veteran's with PTSD and the Integrated Recovery Project. 

      We will soon be offering free clinics to our members. Think double unders, rope climbs, handstand pushups, olympic lifting, pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, Handstand Walking, etc. Each coach will be offering a clinic every 6 weeks which means there will be a new clinic almost every week. If you have a special request for a clinic let us know. 

      Baker Ranch Yoga
      Baker Ranch Yoga opens Tuesday, Sept 2nd with classes in the morning, noon and night. Check out the schedule here. There will also be longer class times ranging from 1-1.5 hours in duration.  

      While we know a lot of the Forest Family enjoyed the previous rate for yoga (free!), with the schedule expansion and accompanying compensation package for full-time instructors, we must begin to charge a rate that will cover the cost of attendance.  That being said, we are thrilled to offer a huge discount to CrossFit Forest members, who will receive a special rate of $49 a month for unlimited yoga!  That is 59% off of our regular monthly rate!   

      We believe yoga is an excellent supplement to your CrossFit training. As many of you know our yoga instructor Casey is awesome and she is bringing some of her awesome instructor friends to help her. For those that have attended a yoga session we would love it if you gave her a review. Click here to provide a review. Once you provide a review will give you the code to get the $49 add-on rate. If you haven't taken her class but want to start doing yoga, simply provide a review for CrossFit Forest, click here

      September 6th - Free Yoga For CrossFit Athletes Workshop - 9:45 - 11:45

      5am and 6am Classes

      The feedback from the survey was clear that it would be more convenient for many of you to have classes at 5am or 6am.  However, we are aware from some of your responses that this change will be inconvenient for some folks.  We hope you understand that this was a very difficult decision for us.  We made this change to accomodate those who would otherwise be unable to try out CrossFit Forest due to their long work commute. The new schedule will start on September 2nd at 5am. This also means that 5am Barbell Club, "Train with the Trainer" is back on!

      6am Training Camp

      We will now be offering a 6am Training Camp that starts the second monday after the 1st monday of the month. The first one will be September 15th. It would be great if you told your friends. Click here to learn how to join-us and see our current promotions for new members. 

      9am Class is Now a Co-ed Class

      We had a great time with our Women's Only Class. Due to popular demand, we have decided to bring back the fellas. 

      4pm Class and 4pm Barbell Club

      In case you weren't already aware we added a 4pm CrossFit class and a 4pm Barbell Club "Train with the Trainers" class. Note the Train with the Trainers classes require coach approval. We've also added a 5pm Barbell Club class. 

      Free Childcare

      Forest Adventure Childcare is back!  We will now have childcare for children under 5 years old on Mondays and Wednesdays 6-7PM, starting Wednesday, September 3rd.  This time, we are offering it FREE to all members.  We will have a suggested donation jar for anyone who wants to contribute to room and supply maintenance.  Please introduce yourself to our provider, Paty, who is the lead teacher at Montessori on the Lake in the toddler room. She is also starting training camp at the Forest in September! 

      Skill Time/Open Gym

      While we don't offer Open Gym, we do allow folks to use the gym when the doors are open and a coach is in eyeshot to work on skills and drills. We love that you are eager to constantly get better. However, we can't have you doing a training session on your own. Unless otherwise noted, Open Gym is not allowed.  We do encourage skill work as long as it is doesn't disrupt classes and coaches. A good rule of thumb is, you can't use a weight: barbells (though you may certainly use a pvc pipe), dumbbells, kettlebells, plates or a clock. You may work on skills: pull-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walking, mobility, double unders, pistols, muscle-ups etc. We do ask you to be situationally aware. If there are three packed classes going on then maybe your skill work needs to be done at a less busy time. When in doubt just ask a coach if it is cool to work on something, but please don't ask them to coach you.

      Forest Games Score Submission

      You have all been working so hard in the gym today. Please make sure you submit your scores online at http://cfcomp.azurewebsites.net/Competition/Details/2

      World Class Coaching Staff

      In case you missed it or haven't been into the gym in the last few weeks, we now have a 5 full time coaches.  Each coach brings their own unique skill set and strengths.  Also, with more people on the coaching/leadership team, you will see TONS of new programs, events, clinics, and schedule offerings.  We hope you are as excited as we are about what is to come! 

      New Forest T-Shirts! Please Fill out this form to reserve your Shirt Size. Tanks and Shirts are $25 each. 

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