Each for distance:
Row, 5x 2:40
Rest 2:40 between efforts.

Do this wod with a partner. With a partner, Women Row 3:00, rest 3:00. You earn your level today by the total distance you row. Men and women can partner up, men get to rest 3:00 in this case while the women row 3:00. We understand there will be transition time. The exact time rowing is significant.
Rx = 3750 m total as an individual, or 7500 as a team, pace is 1:46.6 or better men, or 2:00 for women.
Competition is 3250 as individual or 6500 (pace is 2:03 for men, 2:18 for women). Performance: 2750 as an individual or 5500 as a team (pace is 2:25.4 for men, or 2:43 for women).
Fitness: anything under 5500.

This workout will give you a good benchmark to progress from and where you already have been!

CrossFit Training Camp:

Backsquat 5-5-5
Overhead Squat 5-5-5
3 rounds for time of:
21 Double Unders
Sandbag Carry, 45/35 lbs, 200 m
7 Back Extension (GHD)s
7 GHD Sit-ups