George Maurice is packing up his life in Goodyear, AZ and leaving Fury.

He’s not giving up on fitness or CrossFit for that matter, but after six months working in sales with a major soda company, he’s decided to take his life in a different direction.  As Category Manager at Big Soda, Inc., George is responsible for working with retailers (i.e. grocery and convenient stores) to place as many soda and snack products on their shelves as he can sell. George calculates and crunches numbers to formulate the perfect pitch with one goal in mind – getting more shelf space for his products.

With the promise of increased sales, George sells shop owners on the idea that his product can get “one more bag in the cart per person, per shopping trip” and that means more money for everyone. Combining corporate marketing strategies, product placement, lower price points than competing brands and enticing flavors targeted to lower income demographics, he’s part of what keeps these products in stores and in the hands of consumers.

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