ARTICLE: How To Make Eating A Spiritual Experience


Teams of 3:
7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53#)
Shuttle Sprint (50′ + 50′ + 50′)
7 Calorie Row
50′ Sprint Back

Competition: 53/35
Performance: 35/26#
Fitness: 26/17#



My friend Jeffrey Zurofsky, culinary visionary and co-creator of the restaurants Riverpark and 'wichcraft, has a unique dinner party tradition: He serves the meal family style, and guests aren't allowed to fill their own plates. Instead, they pair off and serve each other, taking the time to pay attention to one another, to the food he's prepared for them, and to what they're really hungry for.

"The person doing the serving has to displace their own perception and pay attention to someone else," Jeffrey explains. "There's a bonding and a knowledge of each other that gets created. And each person also has to think about and express what they want to eat."

I love this story because it's a perfect microcosm of Jeffrey's culinary mission: to nourish people on all levels—not just to use food as entertainment, as so many restaurateurs and chefs do. That's why I invited him to help craft a philosophy and values that embody the belief that he and I share: that how you produce, prepare, serve, and eat your food is just as important as the nutritional content of the food itself.

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