Row, 1500 m
100 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
100 Double Unders
Row, 1500 m

Row, 1500 m
75 Double Unders Attempts
50 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
100 Double Unders Attempts
Row, 1500 m

Row, 1500 m
50 Double Unders Attempts or 150 Singles
50 Wall Balls, 14/10 lbs
50 Double Unders Attempts or 150 Singles
Row, 1500 m

Row, 1000 m
100 Singles
50 Wall Balls, 10/6 lbs
100 Singles
Row, 1000 m

Nutrition Seminartonight at 5:30. Pete will walk you through the Whole 30 and all things happening within your body when things aren't working properly.

Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge here


This time you will participate as an individual. 

Back in the day, when we actually lived in the Forest, we were active and ate only those foods available to us. We did this for millions of years and our bodies evolved to thrive as efficiently as possible on this way of living. This challenge is to mimic this lifestyle. 

The next Nutrition Seminar is on Tuesday, Oct 4th at 5:30pm to 7:30ish. This is where we go over the Whole30 Nutrition Program.

The 2016 Fall Forest Living Challenge Details:

What: 6 week challenge to eat and train clean and consistently

Testing: 1st Bodpod test Saturday Oct 2nd and Oct 8th from 8-10:30 Sign up!

When: Monday, Oct 10th 12:00am to Friday, November 18th 11:59pm

Cost: $30 for 2 bodpod tests during specified times, additional $15 for a private test

Prize: Top 2 Point earners and 1 for best Bodpod Result get a reserved Parking Spot for 1 month. If the same person then we'll award one more to 3rd point earner. (Feel free to make friendly wagers amongst yourselves. If your company is interested in doing a nutrition challenge, we can facilitate that too.)

Allowed Nutrition Programs: 

  • Whole30
  • Zone (must hit blocks exactly)
  • Trish's Eat To Perform program
  • Martin's Macro plan (must hit daily grams for each macro exactly)
  • Rpstrength (must hit daily grams for each macro exactly)
  • Working Against Gravity (must hit daily grams for each macro exactly), or by approval with me

Rules: Accumulate the most number of points. 


1 point per day for eating clean the entire day

1 point per day for training (5 max allowed per week, must be completed on separate days, can be accomplished doing any of our programs or by attending a crossfit class at another crossfit gym)

+20 Points available for Bodpod results. Points distributed based on percentile of percent improvement. 

Percent improvement = Change/Original

95-100 percentile of change = 20 points

90-95 percentile = 18 points

80-90 percentile = 15 points

60-80 percentile = 11 points

30-60 percentile = 6 points

0-30 percentile = 2 points

If tied, winner is the person with the better percent improvement. 

Tiebreak: best body composition improvement (Body Fat percentage change/Original Body Fat Percentage)

For some this challenge is life changing. For others it's a chance to re-group. Let's continue learning what you are capable of!

Just a few edits on the Living Challenge:

  • Nutrition Seminar changes from Tuesday to Wednesday at 5:30pm, Oct 5th. (Free for all members)
  • Daily training points can be done outside of crossfit with approval by me first. 
  • In lieu of the 3 hour treat window, I am adding another option that will hopefully help with establishing some moderation. Instead of 2x 3 hour treat meal windows you may have 1 drink a week. Choices: 
  • 3 oz spirit of your choice, on the rocks or with club soda, with mint, lime, lemon or Olives. No sugar added. OG CrossFitters go with the NorCal Margarita
  • 5 oz Glass of Wine.