RECIPE: Chimichurri Beef Skewers


For time:

2000 Meter Row
200 Double-Unders
2000 Meter Run

2000 Meter Row
150 Double-Unders Attempts
2000 Meter Run

1500 Meter Row
100 Double-Unders Attempts or 300 Singles
1500 Meter Run

1000 Meter Row
150 Singles
1000 Meter Run


Let me get one thing crystal clear here. I made these as skewers but once I ran out of skewers, I just cooked the strips on the grill. And honestly, that’s what I would recommend. That way, you can just eat it by itself without burning your fingers on the metal skewers. But then you can always eat it on top of a salad or chop it into tacos or put it a scramble. Pretty much, this is just awesome marinated meat that you can do whatever with. If you need more ideas, just shove it in your face instead. That’s easier than thinking.

Some guy on Facebook told me this food looks like something that came out of a homeless guy’s butt. Let’s take a second to really let that comment settle in and think about these few things:

  1. Who is this creepy guy and why isn’t he making Saw films?
  2. Does he watch homeless people poop?
  3. Who poops chimichurri sauce? Because whoever that person is, I want to be their friend. Because sometimes you just don’t feel like making it yourself.

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