We'll be demo'ing the spare room in the gym and repairing the holes in the floor on Saturday. That means we can't workout inside the gym or in the back of the gym. Therefore, we will be doing the Floater event only, in the parking lot, in the front of the gym on Saturday Morning during normal class times from 8:30 to 10:30. Only 4 people can go at a time because of the prowler pushes, so we'll have people sign up to go in heats, every 5-6 minutes or so. It's amazing how this workout, if done properly, is more than enough for one day. You may still do the Floater anytime the gym is open btw, hence the name "Floater." 


Reminder on the Event:

"2010m.... Row?"

2000m Row (Scored event #12) followed by 2 min to establish a max 10m Prowler Push (Scored event #13). No Transition between the rower and the prowler. Everybody starts with an empty prowler (cannot use the red prowler). Once  the athlete decide to start moving the prowler no more weight can be added. Weight can be taken at any time but won't count towards the score. Only the weight that make it through the finish line and on the prowler will count for the final score.


There will be no open gym time or specialty program time available on Saturday.