ARTICLE: Hey, Good Lookin'



Find your Strict Press 8 Rep Max.

TIMECAP: 25:00


For time:
Row, 500/450 m
30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35 lbs
Row, 500/450 m

Competition: 40/30#
Performance: 30/20#
Fitness: 20/10#


“Those women look manly. That’s too much muscle—I don’t want to look like that, like a man.”

The woman who made these comments in a class at CrossFit Rising Phoenix—formerly CrossFit Blue Bridge—in Shohola, Pennsylvania, wasn’t talking about her fellow members. She was referring to CrossFit Games athletes: women at the top of the sport, professional athletes who devote their lives to competing in CrossFit.

The comments weren’t directed at her workout partners, but that didn’t stop them from taking her remarks personally.

“We started getting feedback from the husbands of other women in that class, saying, ‘My wife now is worried about how she looks,’” Erin Ruppert, the affiliate owner, said.

The comments spread through the class like a virus.

Men and women began focusing more on weight loss, setting aside performance goals they’d previously been working toward. Movement quality in the class started to degrade.

“Everyone wanted to move as fast as this woman,” Ruppert said.

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