ARTICLE: Five Habits of Highly Successful Eaters



Clean + Front Squat + Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

*1 Set = 1 Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk


30-20-10 reps, for time of:
Overhead Squat, 95/65 lbs
Assault Bike Calories

TIMECAP: 10:00 GEAR: 3
Competition: 75/55#
Performance: 65/45# 20-15-10 on Assault Bike
Fitness: 45/35# 15-10-5 on Assault Bike


The secret to good nutrition is establishing healthy habits you can follow for the long haul—not for weeks or months but for the rest of your life.

Becky Harsh—CrossFit Inc. Seminar Staff trainer, Certified CrossFit Coach (CF-L4) and owner of CrossFit Beaver Menace in Castle Rock, Colorado—provides one-on-one nutrition coaching. Over the years, Harsh has noticed that those who find long-term success share a similar approach. The people who meet—and exceed—their goals share five essential qualities that have nothing to do with eliminating certain foods or eating at specific times during the day.

If you’ve been struggling to stick with a nutrition plan, consider these five habits of highly successful eaters.

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