ARTICLE: Recovery Pseudoscience: On Thin Ice



Record your best Deadlift 4 rep max lift.
Only include the heaviest 4 rep, do not include sets prior to it.

4RM, then 90%x4x2
TIMECAP: 25:00


For time:
40/35 Assault Bike Calories
20 Deadlifts, 225/155 lbs
40/35 Assault Bike Calories

Competition: 185/155#
Performance: 135-165/95-110# 30/25 Cals
Fitness: Find Weight 25/20 cals


The use of ice in association with exercise is quite controversial.

Using ice—applied locally or via submersion of the body in an ice bath—to augment recovery is both recommended and condemned: Some athletes and coaches swear by it while others suggest that it is a waste of time. The science surrounding its use is informative but equivocal.

Because experience and science are not strong enough to make a blanket statement, let’s consider some details.

What actually happens when we submerge ourselves in ice water? (Richwell Correa/CrossFit Journal)

Swelling and Numbing

Cryotherapy, cold therapy, icing and similar treatments with different names have been around for longer than most people can remember and at least as long as photographic and motion-picture technology.

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