VIDEO: Running Workshop: Pose to Prevent Injuries



Record your best Power Jerk 3 Rep Max lift.

3RM, then 90%x3x2


For 4 cycles:
AMRAP in 2:30 of:
10 Single Arm Db Thrusters, 50/35 lbs
10 Single Arm Db Thrusters, 50/35 lbs
Max Reps Double Under
Rest 2:30 between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP.

Comp: 40/30# DUA
Perf: 30/20# Singles
Fit: 20/10# Singles


he CrossFit Workshop: Running is an intensive single-day course that teaches participants how to improve technique and increase safety for improved economy and performance. Under the guidance of Pose Method founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov and his team, participants will learn from class discussion and innovative drills before leaving with a newfound ability to run fast and efficiently.