Find your Bench Press 3 Rep Max.

Timecap: 15 mins


5 rounds for max reps of:
max rep Bench Press, 1x bodyweight
max rep Pull-ups

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds. Pull-Ups can be Strict or Kipping. Pick one, stick to it and specify at the end of the workout. We are shooting for at least 10 reps on each movement Competition: 75% BW or higher Performance: 50% BW or higher Banded Pull-Ups Fitness: Find Bench Press Weight Banded Pull-Ups or Ring Rows


He made it. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson will return to the CrossFit Games for his fifth consecutive appearance.

After ending Day 1 outside the top 10, Guðmundsson had a hole to dig out of. He made up ground with second- and fifth-place finishes on Day 2, but still began Day 3 out of contention.

A sixth-place finish in Event 5—a 300-rep chipper of handstand push-ups, Assault AirBike calories, heavy dumbbell box step-overs, and right- and left-arm dumbbell overhead lunges—put him on top of the line but with only 20 points more than Frederik Aegidius in sixth. Guðmundsson needed to do well in the final event, but he also needed Aegidius not to.

While Roman Khrennikov took the spotlight, finishing the couplet of rope climbs and 155-lb. thrusters in a record-winning time of 3:42.91, Guðmundsson kept an eye on Aegidius. What began as a gap of just a few reps widened as Aegidius labored under the heavy barbell, grimacing as he slowly pressed it overhead.

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