Special Announcements

1. The 7pm class has become quite full due to running Training Camp at that time. We will be moving the next evening Training Camp starting on July 23rd to 6pm to accomodate. This will allow the 7pm folks to have the full use of the gym.

2. We will be having a 6am Training Camp starting this Monday, July 16th. Tell your friends!

3. We will be closing the gym on Friday after the 9am class and Saturday due to The CrossFit Games. For us this is March Madness, Superbowl Weekend and the World Series in one event. Except in our case we actually play the sport we are watching 5x per week! Please let us know if you have tickets so we can meet up.

4. If you haven't noticed we are now logging all of your workout scores at Social Wod. Notice there is a way for you to create your own account and claim your scores. You can update any errors and add any notes you like. Here is the link to scores from the past couple weeks.

5. There is talk of a potential BBQ July 29th at one of our member's homes. Stay tuned for details, save the date!

6. CrossFit Endurance workout tonight at 6:30. Coach Zummo will be going over the finer points of running form with skills and drills. This is free to the public!

7. Yoga is getting quite the following. Don't forget 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Free for members, $5 cash for public.

8. Special Congratulations goes out to Keegan, Alana and Jack for becoming a Certified CrossFit Coaches!

Keegan looking for any excuse to show of the guns..."so for the muscle-up, you have to keep the rings in tight to the chest, like this.."

Jack getting ready to body slam Alana...