The Results Are In!

The results are in for the inagural season of The Forest Games!

We sorta threw this at you at the last minute and we are definitely working out the kinks. My hope is this will give you something to work on over the next 4 months. Maybe your goal for next time will be to compete in a division above or maybe it will be to place top 5 or Top 10 in your division. Some of you are going to be upset because you ended up being in a lower division. Remember, the lowest division you competed in is the division you will be ranked in for all workouts. Whatever your time was for the workout you did that was your time for the ranking. So let's say you competed in Kelly as Rx'd and it took you a really long time, then let's say you competed in another workout in the fitness level later on in the week. Well, your time for Kelly as Rx'd is the time used to rank you in the fitness level of Kelly. For Total I and Total II, we broke you off into male and female and ranked you accordingly to your division. I also made the rankings co-ed. I figured we scaled the workouts for gender so all of the people in your division were competing fairly. 

The point system- 

You received a point based on your rank. So if you took 1st you got 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points. If you missed the workout then you received a last place rank with the number of people in your division. 

It's highly likely I made some mistakes with your times and ranks. Sorry about that. Some of the data was tough to read, both names and scores. 

Your TOP 5 in each Division: (I need the men to send me an email with your shirt size, women tank size)

1 Kevin
2 Jerry
3 Alex
4 David
5 Abe

1 Bobby
2 Jason
3 Darrin
4 Rich B
5 Sebas

1 Alan
2 Skye
3 Jen
4 Scott H.
5 Matt A.

1 Julie B
2 Paul
3 Lauren
4 Bethany
5 Trisha

Here is a link to the complete scoreboard and ranking by workout.

Full Scoreboard 

Ranking by Workout

Congratulations to all that competed! We can't wait to see the progress you make over the next 4 months!