Hard Cindy:
ASRAP 20 mins-
5 Weighted Pull Ups
10 Push-ups from feet on 30"box
15 Weighted Squats, 45 lbs 

CrossFit Training Camp:
Review Day-
Air Squat 1 Rep
Front Squat 1 Rep
Back Squat 1 Rep
Overhead Squat 1Rep
Shoulder Press 1 Rep 
Push Press 1 Rep
Split Jerk 1 Rep
Deadlift 1 Rep
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull 1 Rep
High Hang Clean 1 Rep
Power Clean 1 Rep
Hang Clean 1 Rep
Clean 1 Rep
Burgener Warm Up 1 Rep 

AMRAP 7 mins
3 Deadlifts
6 Push-ups
9 Box Jumps 

CrossFit Barbell Oly Club:
Front Squat 5x5
Shoulder Press 5x3

In this video with Coach Burgner explains the main coaching points through this exercise. 

The Down and Up- Number one purpose of this part is to "Speed through the middle"

Make sure your knees are tracking over the feet
The hips need to open and the shoulder goes up to lead your way under the bar.