For time:
20 Hang Power Cleans, 185/135 lbs
30 Handstand Push-up (Strict)s
40 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
50 Thrusters, 75/55 lbs
KIPPING HSPUs are not allowed in any level. 
Competition: 135/95, Banded HSPU ok, else same. Thruster weight should be a lot less than Monday's work. 
Performance: 95/65 for hang power clean. Banded hspu's ok or tough dumbbell press. Thruster weight 45/35. 
Fitness: 65/45 for Hang Power Clean, heavy db press, 12-16" box jump, Thruster weight 35/15. 


ON A BRISK SPRING Tuesday in 1976, a pair of executives from the Sugar Association stepped up to the podium of a Chicago ballroom to accept the Oscar of the public relations world, the Silver Anvil award for excellence in “the forging of public opinion.” The trade group had recently pulled off one of the greatest turnarounds in PR history. For nearly a decade, the sugar industry had been buffeted by crisis after crisis as the media and the public soured on sugar and scientists began to view it as a likely cause of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.